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Art History Course Lecturer

CHAN Shing-Kwan, Kenneth 陳承焜


Kenneth is an art history researcher and instructor. He has a master’s degree in history of art and visual culture from the University of Oxford. 


Supported by Arnold, Bryce & Read Fund and St Cross Travel & Research Fund, his master’s dissertation examines Chinese performance art in the 1990s. An edited chapter of his dissertation was published as a journal article, ‘Public Displays of Affliction: On Zhang Huan’s 12m2’ in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art in January 2018.  


Kenneth completed his bachelor’s degree with a double major in Art History and Sociology at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). 


From September 2013 to June 2014, he was selected by his alma mater to take part in a full-year funded exchange program to study Art History, Sociology and Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

As a Curatorial Intern at the Chantal Miller Gallery of Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Shing assisted in curating "Life is Only One: Yoshimoto Nara," the first solo exhibition of the Japanese artist in Hong Kong, and led more than a dozen docent tours. He also developed various aspects of "Bat Cave: Treasures of the Day and Creatures of the Night," a Chinese art exhibition which was successfully held in the same year.


After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree, he worked as a full-time Research Assistant at the Department of Social Sciences of Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. He contributed more than 35,000 words for an upcoming book project Historical Buildings in Hong Kong. He has also co-published research reports including A White Paper on Developing the Cultural and Creative Industries in Hong Kong and the Greater China Region

He also coordinated the inaugural event of the Hong Kong Association of Cultural Industries (HKACI) —"2016 Cultural Industries Global Forum,"— which was opened by former Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-Hwa.


Between Oct 2017 and Jul 2018, Kenneth was a Research Assistant I at the University of Hong Kong. 

Kenneth presided as the moderator of a discussion forum with contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing which was organised by HKDI in March 2018. He also instructed and co-organised Hong Kong's first locally-curated Contemporary Art History course taught in Cantonese


Kenneth is currently working at an international auction house.

More: https://www.shingkwanchan.com/about

 LO Chun Hei, Lyrus 

Lyrus graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Arts. After graduation, he pursued a Master degree in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester, fully funded by the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme, and awarded the title Hong Kong Scholar, by the Hong Kong S.A.R. Government.

Lyrus has experience of working in an international auction house, museum and bank.

Lyrus hosted a seminar "Chinese Ink Art" with Lita-Arti as part of the Contemporary Art History Course in 2019.


YUEN Pui Yan


Miss Puiyan graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Arts. After graduation, she pursued a LLB degree at the University of London (International Programme).


Puiyan hosted a seminar on "Pop Art" with Lita-Arti as part of the Contemporary Art History Course in 2019.



Workshop Tutor

LEE Kin Ming 李健明

Mr. Lee Kin Ming is a local craftsman who is competent in the manufacture of traditional billboards. He inherits the spirit of the traditional craftsmanship at Yiu Wah Studio. Meanwhile, he is keen on preserving the calligraphy font of “Lee Hon HK” by technology. Calligraphy master Lee Hon’s signature style will be collated and reorganised as a font which can be input on computers.


Mr. Lee would love to promote the traditional beauty of the billboards amid the gentrification of districts by leading small-sized tours in San Po Kong and holding exhibitions like “Beyond Hong Kong Font”.




Neonlite HK


Neolite HK 是香港九十後本地手作人在2017年成立。透過改良霓虹燈,使用較為安全及輕便的EL冷光線燈,以人手製作扭出港式風格的文字或圖案,令更多人可以擁有屬於自己的霓虹燈。





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