"In Search of Hong Kong-ness" Hong Kong Watercolor Cityscapes Group Exhibition 「尋覓城景:香港水彩畫作群展」

Date 展覽日期

5 May 2018 to 3 June 2018 

Opening Reception 開幕酒會

 5 May 2018 (Sat) 7-9pm

Venue 展覽地點

Spoon and Bowl Restaurant (M/F 89 Wai Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok)


Exhibiting Artists 展出藝術家(排名不分先後): Alan Cheung | Caxton Yeung | Chloe Yau | Eva Liu | Karen Mai | Ken Lin | Man Kong | Noble Wong | Wai Wai | Sandy Hau | Suet Sum | 

About the exhibition 展覽介紹 

Lita-Arti aims to provide an opportunity for local emerging artists to reach public exposure, and more importantly, to build the relationship between art and community. Curated by Lita-Arti, “In search of Hong Kong-ness” is a group exhibition that brings together eleven local artists and their watercolor artworks of our hometown, Hong Kong. Inspired by the big question of what is “authentically” Hong Kong in a place where hybridity is often created and found, the interpretation of Hong Kong-ness has become a popular yet controversial issue to discuss. The exhibition showcases paintings of local cityscapes from the perspectives of the local artists. The artworks depict various faces of our hometown, ranging from iconic modern skyscrapers to old streets and all alleys. Through the use of watercolor, they captured the special and transient moments in Hong Kong. The painting collection offers us a precious insight of understanding Hong Kong culture through a visual perspective,

Lita-Arti旨在為本地新興藝術家提供展示公眾、聯繫社區的機會,透過展覽、工作坊等等多元活動,提升大眾對本地藝術的關注。「尋覓城景」:香港水彩畫作群展是Lita-Arti 首個策展計劃,是次畫展將會展出十一位本地畫家以香港為主題繪畫的水彩畫。作為一個中西文化交匯交雜的地方,香港的本地文化的解讀成為一個炙手可熱的議題。是次展覽以視覺的形式展示本地藝術家對香港城貌的個人詮釋,透過水彩這個獨特的媒介,重現香港的瞬間和時刻。


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