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2019 年 12 月 5 日,香港 —  Hotel Jen今旅酒店正展出一系列以「城市絮語」為題的香港城景畫作。由2019年12月5日起至2020年4月4日,十六張畫作將於今旅酒店大堂、二樓以及二十八樓免費展出。整個展覽會被分成兩個階段;第一階段將在2020年4月2日結束。兩個階段將會有不同畫作展出,讓公眾可以欣賞到更多作品。



由Lita-Arti、Geneyclee Gallery和今旅酒店合辦的「城市絮語」展覽將以香港的城景作為主軸,反思香港本地文化的演繹。「城市絮語」邀請了十六位在香港土生土長的本地畫家。他們在這個動盪不安的時代中,透過繪畫創作思考他們的個人身分認同。十六位畫家以十六個不同的視角,在自己身處的小社區之中紀錄日常的剪影,拾起被遺忘的小角落。從快將結業的老店到商業區的摩天大樓——香港多元的視覺形象帶給畫家不同的取材和詮釋。畫家們相信這些景象對於土生土長的香港市民來說都不會陌生,並期望讀者能從畫中看到香港的多元文化與社會面貌,無論是住客或旅客,都會覺得彌足珍貴。



隨著本地藝術創作越趨普及,香港畫家也將會備受矚目。「城市絮語」展覽中的十六位香港畫家都擁有豐富的城景素描經驗,其中包括 Alan Cheung, Almon Lam, Apple Li, CaxtonCax, Chloe Yau, LittleJade, Eva Liu, Karen Mai, Maggie Chen, Noble Wong, PangBear, Rosanna So, Sandy Hau, Sharmine Kwan, Suet Sum, Wai Wai (排名按英文字母排列)。他們希望透過自己的畫作讓觀眾感受到香港人對這個城市的自我認同感。






本年度畫展《城市絮語》延續去年度《尋覓城景》香港水彩畫作群展,首次聯乘Geneyclee Gallery和今旅酒店,展出十五位本地畫家以香港為主題的畫作。


開幕儀式:2020年1月16日 5-7pm

地點:Hotel Jen Lobby


HONG KONG - 5 DECEMBER 2019- Located in the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong, an exhibition where you can find the authentic Hong Kong sketches and paintings is held at Hotel Jen. The artworks will ornate the corners in the lobby, second floor and 28th floor. Visitors can visit the exhibition for free daily starting from 5th December 2019 to 4th April 2020. The exhibition will be divided into two phases, with the first phase ending on 4th February 2019. Different artworks will be shifted so the audience can be exposed to a wider variety of masterpieces.



Curated by Lita-Arti, collaborated with Geneyclee Gallery and Hotel Jen, the exhibition is inspired by the interpretation of Hong Kong local culture. The exhibition aims to ponder over the question of how the local artists perceive their local identity. Inviting artists who are born and raised in Hong Kong, the way they look at this city is the inspiration of their works. The exhibition showcases 16 paintings of local cityscapes. The artworks depict various faces of our hometown, ranging from iconic modern skyscrapers to old streets and alleys. The painting collection offers a precious insight into understanding Hong Kong's organic and diverse culture, through a visual perspective.


Hong Kong Artists

“City Secrets: Urban Sketches of Hong Kong” is an exhibition surrounding the theme of Hong Kong local identity. Local artists who have immense understanding and reflections of their hometown are therefore the core. All of them are experienced sketchers. In the exhibition, works from Alan Cheung, Almon Lam, Apple Li, CaxtonCax, Chloe Yau, LittleJade, Eva Liu, Karen Mai, Maggie Chen, Noble Wong, PangBear, Rosanna So, Sandy Hau, Sharmine Kwan, Suet Sum, Wai Wai (sequence according to alphabetical order) will be showcased. As there is growing popularity of local art and artists nowadays, their works are expected to be widely embraced. They will also provide food for thought for all Hong Kongers when they are appreciating their paintings.


About Lita-Arti

Lita-Arti is an art organization founded by six Fine Arts students from the University of Hong Kong in 2018. “Lita-Arti” is a composition word. Based on the word "Literati", we would like to combine art-writing and art. Witnessing the common difficulties of the local artists, Lita-Arti would like to help these budding and talented young souls by providing them with all kinds of support. Lita-Arti‘s primary goal is to step up their fame by increasing the accessibility of their works. Through revealing some of their artistic skills, Lita-Arti would love to share some art knowledge beyond the city. The ultimate goal is to raise the local awareness towards art. Nurturing the interests towards art in the hearts of people is the bedrock to creating an art-loving Hong Kong.


Lita-Arti aims at providing an opportunity for local emerging artists to reach public exposure, and more importantly, to build the relationship between art and community. To continue our theme of last year's exhibition "In Search of Hong Kong-ness", this year's exhibition “City Secrets: Urban Sketches of Hong Kong 城市絮語” brings together fifteen local artists and their watercolour artworks of our hometown, Hong Kong.

Artwork 展品

Central Statue Square

​Noble Wong

Centre Street

Almon Lam

Second‐hand book store

Chloe Yau

Ng Wai Kee

Wai Wai