Art History Month 藝術史八月

Lita-Arti 載譽歸來,為大家呈獻2019之藝術史月!





我們精心設計一系列藝術史活動,讓大家可與朋友一起享受藝術、增進美學知識。藝術史月將以兩大活動為主軸:藝術史講堂與藝術導賞團。深受大家歡迎的年輕藝術史學家Mr. Kenneth Chan (BA Hons. (HKU), MSt (Oxon))將教導的藝術史月講堂,為期兩週。Kenneth導師將深入淺出,講述【符號學】和【梵高解密】。在八月最後一週,我們將首度與本地藝術導覽團the Artrip合作,帶領一個【中環建築導賞】。屆時,導師將帶大家穿梭於中環街頭,以藝術角度重新欣賞中環新舊建築。




August will be the Art History Month in 2019. Lita-arti is holding a series of events during the hot summer. First we will have the Art History Lectures taught by Mr. Kenneth Chan. He will lecture us about Semiotics and Vincent van Gogh. On the last week of the month, we are collaborating with the Artrip. Our guide Eileen will take us to Central like a field trip! We will learn about the architectural styles found in the streets of Hong Kong.


Make sure you have your dates marked!


【藝術史講課(一)】圖像與符號學導論 Art Seminar 1: Semiotics














其實呢,我們每天在社交軟件中使用的表情符號、每天看到的地鐵廣告,都離不開形形色色的符號。當我們看展覽的時候,我們會試圖「破譯」面前的圖像藝術作品,都是在與不同的標誌和符號互動。這個課堂裏面,Kenneth老師會向大家介紹圖像和符號學, 等大家知道多一種方法去理解藝術品。


“How is semiotics related to our daily life?”


 If you have a close look at the Whatsapp chat history, you will be amazed by how much emojis you have used to express your emotions! These signs are easily spotted in our lives. Whenever we are looking at a painting, we often try to “decode” the meaning of it through dissecting the signs and shapes. In this lecture, our tutor Kenneth is going to give you a basic introduction to Semiotics, which may give you some insights when you are learning about the paintings.

【藝術史講課(二)】抗爭與宣傳: 社會參與藝術歷史 Protest and Propaganda Art





This lecture will address propaganda and protest as they manifest in the visual arts. It will discuss how art practitioners across the world have used their practices to initiate, criticize and propagate various ideologies and social critiques. Highlighting a select number of artists and their works, this lecture will compare the methodologies used by artists in different cultures, and consider the influence of historical, sociological and psychological factors inherent in their works.









“How well do you know about Central?”


The skyscrapers in Hong Kong is renowned. They are particularly condensed in Central, where you can find numerous offices and headquarters in just a tiny piece of land. You are able to see various architectural styles in different buildings. As a hub of different architectural cultures, there are masterpieces of great architects at every corner of Central. 

In the tour, we are going to explain to you about the abstract architectural concepts. You will be able to see how colonialism hits Hong Kong, reflected in European architectural style, modernism and postmodernism. 


Come and join us and see you soon at Central!




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