About Lita-Arti

Lita-Arti is an art organization founded by six Fine Arts students from the University of Hong Kong in 2018. “Lita-Arti” is a composition word. Based on the word "Literati", we would like to combine art-writing and art. Through the combination of the two, we would like to bring changes that are ‘lit’, and light up the art world like a glimpse of fire.


Witnessing the common difficulties of the local artists, we would like to help these budding and talented young souls by providing them with all kinds of support. Our primary goal is to step up their fame by increasing the accessibility of their works. Through revealing some of their artistic skills, we would love to share some art knowledge beyond the city. The ultimate goal is to raise the local awareness towards art. Nurturing the interests towards art in the hearts of people is the bedrock to creating an art-loving Hong Kong.  


Having two small yet essential missions in mind, Lita-Arti is the one who is attempting to bring some changes to the community. Firstly, we want to connect art historians and artists by holding talks and events. Secondly, we want to provide some art-teaching, exhibition venue and opportunities for emerging local artists in the future. 






Lita-Arti curation team 策展團隊


Administrative Director | SO Rosanna Tse-ying 蘇紫盈

Art Director | NG Nok Hei 伍諾熙 

Creative Director | CHIU Yee Ting Elaine 趙綺婷 

Legal and Financial Advisor | YANG Chenxi Emily 楊晨熙

Marketing Director | LAM Hau In Alice 林巧妍

Secretary-General | MAN Tsz Ming Millie 文子銘