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【港式招牌 歷史尋寶】

Lita-Arti 設計了一系列的招牌工作坊,邀請到李漢港楷「你看港街招牌」作者李建明先生以及本地霓虹燈手作人Neonlite,為大家帶來 【當鋪招牌歷史+「蝠鼠吊金錢」夜光膠牌工作坊】、【你看招牌十式 +「李漢港楷」四格招牌膠牌工作坊】以及【霓虹都市與視覺文化:霓虹燈工作坊】三個工作坊。融合歷史知識與手作體驗,由招牌製作人親身教導,令您對本地招牌文化,帶來更深刻的體驗。

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Protest and Propaganda Art 抗爭與宣傳藝術


This lecture will address propaganda and protest as they manifest in the visual arts. It will discuss how art practitioners across the world have used their practices to initiate, criticize and propagate various ideologies and social critiques. Highlighting a select number of artists and their works, this lecture will compare the methodologies used by artists in different cultures, and consider the influence of historical, sociological and psychological factors inherent in their works.

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Contemporary Art History Course and Exhibitions 當代藝術史課程 2018-19

We aim to bring art history knowledge to more people. We have hosted an art history course and curated a local exhibition on Hong Kong's visual identity.

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